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Garden Pathway Design

Some Welcoming Garden Pathway Design Ideas

Garden pathways or walkways are not just a way to reach your house from the gate, but it becomes a gateway welcoming your guests and with a little tweak and inspiration it becomes a hallmark of your home. Building a walkway is all about creativity and I would suggest forgetting about thumb rules and try out new stuffs. Being unconventional is the key to design something out of the box that grabs passerby’s attention. Base materials that can be used for building a garden pathway may range from large stones, pebbles, bricks to simply grass beds. I have assembled some of the inspirations here in this post from my personal visit to homes with amazing garden walkways which have drawn my attention in recent times.

The uneven rock and grass pathway:

grass and rock garden pathway

This is one of the most loved designs and most commonly seen in country side farmhouses where greenery is overwhelmingly seen with bending trees, shrubs everywhere.

A pea gravel garden pathway:

small gravels garden walkway

One of the most cost effective pathway ideas is to dig out the path and fill it with pea sized gravels. You can mix gravels of different shades and sizes to give the path a unique look. Gravel pathways feels great when walked over bare footed.

Tiled walkway:

tiled garden pathway

If you are looking for a modern concrete look then you can go for a tiled walk way. You can decide on the pattern of the tile depending upon the surrounding, though I would recommend a wooden textured tile.

Brick pathway:

brick made garden walkway

This is yet another simple budget pathway which is very easy to build. If you love something that’s very simple and appealing, then a pathway made from naked bricks is your best fit.

Mighty stepping stone pathway:

mighty stepping stone pathway

If your construction is king size and the garden is well spaced then a pathway made from huge stones can be the correct choice for your garden.

Wooden garden pathway:

wooden garden walkway

Wood is a sign of elegance, and this holds true for a walkway too. Water resistant wooden plank or round slices of tree trunk can be placed to make a garden pathway, this if combined with tree ring outdoor lamps will give a spectacular view.

Full grass pathway:

green grass garden pathway

If you love greenery and plantation, then go for a full grass pathway; plant the grass in such a way that it makes the road-way to your doors.

Now that you have got a whole lot of ideas from these inspirations, get your creative mind in action and design your own garden pathway.